Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Wedding Song

Scene: 7:15 AM Friday morning. I am leading my small cast in warm-ups for their performance of "Importance of Being Earnest" for classes during first period. The students are chatting eagerly, despite my attempts to get them to focus, thanks to pre-show nerves.

Me: Roll your neck around slowly, working out any kinks or stiffness you find...

Molly: Last night's show was so much fun! Zach, you were hilarious.

Bri: I'm so nervous! I'm more nervous about today's show than last nights.

Cody: Yeah.

Me: And, keeping your hips facing forward, twist your shoulders back to stretch your spine...

Sean: Ms. Waterhouse, can we come to the wedding?

Me: See if you can turn- Wait, what? I twist back around to face him. What wedding?

Sean: Your wedding.

Me: I'm not getting married.

Kalen: No, but when you do. Will you invite us?

Me: But I'm not getting married.

Shelby: But don't you want us to come?

Cody: We want to be there!

Me: Guys, I'm not getting married. There's a few steps in-between. Counting off on fingers. Boyfriend, fiance, then wedding!

Zach: What about Jason?

Me: 11 years. Not going to happen.

Sean: You get us a picture and we'll write the profile. We'll get you hooked up.


Sean: Just leave it to us.

Molly: We want to be there! Won't you remember us in a few years?

Me: Oh, come on. You'll all be old and married by then with your own kids. You won't even remember my name, let alone want to be at my wedding.

Students: (In chorus) Yeah, we will!

Molly's Mom: Sticking her head out of the dressing room where she's been doing the girls' hair, and raising her hand I'm 51 years old and I still remember my favorite teacher, my high school drama and speech teacher. She disappears back into the dressing room.

Me: (Yelling after her feebly) But I bet you didn't go to his or her wedding!

Kalen: Ms. W-, what we're saying is that you make an impact. We'll remember you.

Me: Immensely touched, so I quickly change the subject by checking the time on my phone. 8 minutes until the classes start arriving, guys. Let's wrap up the warm ups and cheer.

P.S. "Awww!", right?
P.P.S. I swear we don't spend all of class time talking about my dating life. This class just seems particularly interested in it for some reason, and the conversations are too amusing to keep to myself.
P.P.P.S. The shows went great. I'll tell you more details later this weekend.
P.P.P.P.S. I'm off to bed. MY bed. BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE A SPEECH MEET TOMORROW! Yay!! (Crazy-Kermit arms)

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