Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Out Tonight

On Sunday afternoon I met some of my students at the lightrail station by me. We rode together to the DCTC to see Stories on Stage - a monthly series of the company's actors reading short stories on various themes. The first story, a Bill Bryson one, was well-read and well-written. The second one was far too long and poorly structured. The third was fine, but not particularly fantastic. The cookies and milk following the show were delicious. The average age of the audience was 70. The consensus among my students was that the outing was fun, but the show was "eh."

On Monday evening I met a different group of students at the theater to buy student rush tickets to Dracula. Another reason to love DCTC? They extend their student rush discount to drama teachers.

The show was, perhaps, a B. I'm not a fan of the writer, Charles Morey, and the show was about 45 minutes too long. The actors did a fine job, though, and the tech work was fantastic. There were a lot of fun "spooky" effects and a nifty simplistic set design. Most of all, the students loved it and came to school today telling everyone to go see it. Many others are going to go this weekend.

Worth the lack of sleep? Perhaps. I enjoy watching the drama bug spread.

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  1. PTC is doing Charles Morey's Dracula also and I am seeing it next week. I'll let you know what their grade ends up being!