Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Wish I Could Go Back to College

Topics my Theater Education class in college should have covered but didn't:

- Butcher Paper, Staples, and Coat Hangers, Oh My!: Building a $20 Set Without a Woodshop

- So Sayeth the Shepherd!: Literary Classics and What Parents Will Hate About Them

- OSS, ISS, Flu, and Family Vacations: How to Rehearse When Half Your Class is Missing The Week Before Your Show

- "Can't I Just Cover Her Mouth With My Hand?": Coaching Students Through a First Kiss While the Entire Class Watches

- "Too Gay For You, Too Hetro' For Me": Helping Teenage Boys Confront the Closet

- To Dream the Impossible Dream: Well-Written Plays with More Than 30 Parts (With a bonus bibliography of plays with more female parts than male!)

- "I'm so excited about the show on Thursday! I've never see a live play before.": Why Field Trips are Worth the Paperwork

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  1. Craig4:33 PM

    This is the greatest list I've ever seen in my life.