Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Beautiful People of Denver...

...I have a story for you.

I showed my drama class "Clue" as part of our post-show celebration. As they watch, the students are required to list the characters, describe them, and then cast the show using the people in our class.

The kids loved the movie (of course), and were excited to share their cast lists afterwards.

As the final question in our discussion, I asked the students which character they'd want to play, if they had a choice. They answered in chorus. To my surprise, more than half the class said, "Wadsworth!"

To which Dom, this adorable sophomore who's about 5 years old developmentally, said, "I'd go to Colfax!"


(Yeah, see? You have to know Denver to get it. But, since you were nice enough to read this far anyway, here's two movie clips for you:

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