Monday, November 01, 2010

Racing With the Clock

I dyed 13 tunics last night, all of which I had sewn out of white sheets I got donated from a hotel last spring. I also finished sewing a stack of Robin Hood-style hats, a pair of pants for Prince John, and hunted down some sound effects.

I taught three classes today, filled out a bunch of paperwork to clean up from the meet, registered our team for the next meet this Saturday, ran a 2.5-hour after-school dress rehearsal while playing Prince John from the booth (since he didn't show up), then stayed after for another hour to help two kids block their speech duet to convert it to a duo interp for the tournament meet Saturday.

I want life to slow down.

Funny thing is, it already has. Today felt... doable.

But I'd still like a day off, please.

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