Thursday, July 07, 2011

Last Meal in Peru

Although we skimped on transportation by choosing long bus rides over flights and we have been in dubious hotels without hot water, we have not held back in our culinary choices. Many of our meals have been at restaurants listed in the "Top End" section of Lonely Planet, and it's been fun to eat at fine establishments for half of what such meals would have cost us in the States.

Lonely Planet was less reliable today and lunch was a disappointment. Although I did enjoy watching a concert live from Machu Picchu on the restaurant's TV as a part of the 100 years celebration, the food was lukewarm and, as Jason pointed out with the kind of derision in his tone usually reserved for when I do something appalling like putting my feet on the wall, they put ketchup on our sandwiches.

For dinner we decided on a Swiss restaurant near the hotel where we had left our bags. We split some green pepper tamales for an appetizer (very Swiss, yes?), I had wonderful veal medallions and risotto, and I'm sure Jason's blogging about his meal as I type.

We had time and soles to spend, so we got dessert - in my case white chocolate, raspberry, and chocolate ice cream with strawberries, brownies, and cream. Oo, la, la, indeed!

The woman at the table next to ours caught me staring at her prosciutto as we left. It was beautiful prosciutto, but we were more than full. Alas!

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