Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Video Summary of Two Weeks in Peru

Enjoy (but be forewarned of my quivering camera work)!

Here is a guide to the clips:
  1. Jason locates us while we're stranded due to a misplaced Blackberry.
  2. Sunset during the plane ride from Houston to Lima
  3. Taxi ride from Lima airport to downtown
  4. Taxi ride back to the airport the next morning
  5. Hippie Drummer in line to board flight to Cuzco
  6. Flight over the Andes from Lima to Cuzco
  7. A school group crossing the Plaza de Armas in Cuzco
  8. Cuzco street musician
  9. Loreto - a cobble-stone, Inca wall-lined alleyway.  The wall on the left is the Amaruqancha (Courtyard of the Serpents), the palace of the 11th Inca emperor Huayna Capac.  On the right is the Incan House of the Chosen Women, which was naturally converted into a convent.
  10. Kids playing football in the backyard of a souvenier shop off Loreto
  11. The view from our hotel window in Cuzco at night
  12. The windy car ride to Ollantaytambo
  13. The market at the foot of the Ollantaytambo ruins
  14. The windy view from the top of the ruins
  15. Train ride to Aguas Callientes
  16. The view (and noise) from our hotel room in Aguas Callientes
  17. Scene outside the restaurant in AC where we ate dinner.  The men you see are the town's entire police force gathered in the Plaza for some sort of meeting/ceremony
  18. What Jason looks like when he's hungry, he has things to be doing, and the waitress is being slow
  19. The bus ride to Machu Picchu
  20. First view of Machu Picchu
  21. Ciro, the guide
  22. People crossing terraces near the Temple of the Sun
  23. A Machu Picchu creature trying to blend in with the rubble
  24. One of the 16 fountains
  25. Mama Llama!
  26. Mama Llama up close and personal!
  27. View from a terrace
  28. Clouds at Machi Picchu
  29. Aquaduct along one of the terraces
  30. An Incan Creature on the train
  31. Jason's reaction to the train stewards' entertainment
  32. Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show on the Train!
  33. The male model
  34. The Incan Creature's Dance
  35. Colectivo ride through Ollantaytambo
  36. Panorama of Cuzco from the Sacsaywaman look-out
  37. Llama in the Field with Jason
  38. Women weaving at the Pre-Columbian Art Museum
  39. Kids practicing a traditional dance in the Plazoleta Nazarenas
  40. The crowd at the Plaza de Armas for the Saint Parade
  41. A Saint exiting the Cathedral
  42. Saint "Neptune" trying to get his balance
  43. Bus Station at Cuzco
  45. Rainy bus ride (of DOOM) to Puno
  46. Locals at the cheese sandwich pit stop on the shores of Lake Titicaca
  47.  Pre-Boat Ride Entertainment
  48. Guide Walter talks about the mythology of Lake Titicaca
  49. Giant Straw Fish
  50. Walter and the Uros Island President explain how the islands are made
  51. Kids playing in the reeds
  52. The Uros women sing to the departing tourists
  53. Boat ride back to Puno
  54. A musician demos his musical stylings on the bus ride to Arequipa
  55. Sheep crossing!
  56. The guide at the Santa Catalina Convent in Arequipa
  57. A hawk over Colca Canyon
  58. Llamas at pasture near Patapampa Pass
  59. Souvenier stand in Colca Canyon (note the snuggling dogs - it was frigid!)
  60. Bumpy ride to see the condors
  61. Condor!
  62. Bumpy ride in the tunnel from the condor-viewing
  63. Stranded!
  64. The fountain at our hotel in Lima - both of our guidebooks said it would be trickling.  By golly, it is!
  65. Birds outside our hotel room window
  66. Lunch at Haiti, a restaurant.  The TV is showing a live broadcast of a concert at Machu Picchu in honor of the 100 year anniversary.
  67. Parque Kennedy in Miraflores, Lima is filled with well-fed, nice-looking cats (can you see all three in the shot?).  They didn't seem to mind the rain, either.  Our best guess is that the cats are kept in the park as pest control.
  68. The Pacific Ocean at the lookout near Parque Salazar
  69. The Plaza de Armas in Lima
  70. Since I couldn't film the stars of the Southern Hemisphere, behold the other natural phenomenon: Counter-clockwise!  
  71. Flight from Lima to Houston
  72. Back at work in the apartment in Arlington

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  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Thanks for making that vid. Very nice. My, that WAS a bumpy ride!

    Also, congrats on finding the Kindle!