Monday, November 21, 2011

Paris: Day 1

Because I just uploaded our day in photos and because the jet lag is really making my brain, well, lag, this will probably be a short post.

Despite the rush last night to the airport, the entire flight process was a breeze. Security took no time at al, the flight staff were quite friendly, the dinner was passable, the entertainnment options were excelllent (they had "Midnight in Paris" as one of the movie options! Jason hadn't seen it yet and I've been wanting to see it again, so that was a happy treat), I slept a little bit, and the flight arrived 40 minutes early. Oh, and both of our bags made it too, thankfully (although if Jaason's had not made it I doubt he would have minded the excuse to purchase the clothes he's been eyeing in the windows all day...).

We hopped on the RER and took it to Luxembourg stop from which our hotel was just a few blocks' walk. We were bullied a little by old ladies on the way (they were American, so it was not charming), but made it with relatively no trouble.

We checked into our room, exclaimed over the tininess, exclaimed over the view, exclaimed over la vie en Paris, and exclaimed over how nice it felt to shower.

Refreshed and famished, we headed out. Our goals included
1) Dropping off Jason's suit for dry cleaning,
2) checking for tickets to the Comedie Franciase,
3) finding a lint roller for Jason,
4) finding lunch, and
5) visiting the Pompidou Centre.
If we should do a bit of city-wandering along the way, so much the better!

We accomplished all of that, although we only visited about half of the Pompidou's offerings since we were both dragging by 6:00. We found a quick and relatively cheap dinner at a chain bakery called Paul's near our hotel, which we enjoyed while people-watching in part because we're in Paris and in part because we were too tired for much conversation.

We're back at the hotel now and ready to turn in for the night. Tomorrow's Versailles and hopefully a movie in the evening, as well as other adventures I'm sure.

The trip's going splendidly which, while it may not make for good blog fodder, certainly makes for a good vacation.

A demain!

P.S. Jason's been typing away at the same time as me, so I'll just remind you all that you can read his side of the stories on his blog at (also linked in the sidebar). Enjoy! I know I do!

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