Sunday, January 06, 2013

An Entish Weekend

This was a weekend of moderate accomplishment.  I waded through the CDE's outstandingly bad online application process to renew my teaching license and took care of some other business-y agenda items, but the letter I required to accomplish my biggest tasks has yet to arrive.  Dang it.  Foiled by the mail, I decided to treat myself to an in-home movie or two, something I haven't done in at least a year.

I reread The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings over the break, so my choice of movies was not too difficult.  Despite owning the extended edition DVDs, I actually haven't watched any of the Lord of the Rings films since the third one premiered in theaters, oh so long ago (Hold on, was it so long ago?  It was... Good grief.  10 years ago.  That's ridiculous).

And what better way to enjoy a Jackson-Tolkein viewing than with an accompanying fiber project?  I rummaged through my supplies and found a mostly-complete skein of very soft textured yarn.  A scarf it is!  Time to learn how to leno.

The completed scarf
"Leno" is a way to create lace-like patterns by twisting the warp as you weave.  I only did a basic 1:1 leno so I could get the hang of things first, but I am eager to try the "Mexican Lace" and the "Jane" variations, once I can translate the instructions.

Detail of the leno... stiches?  sections?  There are still so many weaving terms to learn!
Detail of the lattice ending

It took me two of the movies to make the scarf, albeit with several breaks in the weaving to do other forms of multi-tasking.  I hope to watch The Return of the King tomorrow night while weaving a couple of placemats.  I should be able to do that and get to bed at a reasonable hour so long as I start the movie by... 6:00?  5:30?

Hmm.  Maybe next Saturday would be a better time to turn Entish again.

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