Saturday, January 26, 2013

State Speech Meet (And Teenage Boy Stank)

This weekend's the State Speech Meet. I'm currently sitting in the Tab room waiting for ballots. We had four rounds yesterday and got to the hotel just before 11:00 pm.

When I went to untape the boys this morning for State Part II, I discovered a note they had pushed under the door for me (pictured below). I showed it to Broderick's parents when we got to the meet this morning. His father responded, "I've never been more proud of my boy."

The boys seem to have recovered though, as you can see by their entrance into the building.

It's an improvement from yesterday: they entered the hotel lobby walking in movie-astronaut slow motion with an accompanying soundtrack cranked up on on an iPhone.

Oh, you smart, creative, drama kids. It's a good thing I'm so darn fond of you.

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