Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Miserable Ones

A series of snow storms has hit our area in the last week or so bringing with them erratic school schedules. In addition to the snow day last week, we have had two late starts, one early release, and one day with no adjustment to the schedule despite a drive home so perilous that my fellow car-poolers and I counted 17 cars that had slid off the road.  The students tasted freedom last Tuesday, so now every day that goes by without another snow day is the cause of much complaining.

Today was supposed to be a field trip.  My Advanced Drama class and I were supposed to attend a student matinee of the DCTC's Sense and Sensibility (a brand-new musical adaptation).  They were excited, I was excited.

Then the district called for a delayed start and the transportation department announced that they would not make any trips to Denver today.

Naturally, I protested this decision, pointing out that if the district felt that the roads were safe enough by 9:00 AM to drive to school, they are likewise safe enough to drive to Denver.

They responded that "this is the policy".  End of discussion.

The group sales people at DCTC were incredibly understanding and refunded the cost of our tickets.  I spent the time before school started looking up other possible shows to see.  My students staged a sit-in outside the main office to protest the cancellation of their field trip.  Our VP empathized with them, then sent them on to class (another reason why I like my administrators).

"We're not going on a field trip," they said to me as the bell signaled the start of class.  "What's even the point of being here today?"

"To learn?" I offered.

They groaned and vehemently disagreed.

"To watch Les Mis while I make you popcorn?"  I offered, holding up the DVD I had purchased just in case.

That cheered them up a little.  Then Catwoman died, and Samantha threw up her hands.  "What?!"  she exclaimed.  "She DIES?  As if my day doesn't suck enough!"

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