Sunday, April 21, 2013


Lisa invited me fabric shopping yesterday. This was actually the second Saturday we spent combing shelves.  She's making a crib set for her daughter's upcoming baby and it is surprisingly difficult to find grey and yellow fabric in boy-appropriate patterns (i.e. not floral).  Last Saturday neither of us bought anything, although I was tempted to get this funky ribbon-looped grey fabric to make some new curtains.  I resisted, though, and we both went home empty-handed.

Not so much yesterday.

Lisa found this adorable fabric at Fancy Tiger:

...and we matched those particular shades of gray and yellow with several other cute patterns of polka dots and chevron stripes from other stores.  I, on the other hand, had intended to only come along for the company and for lunch at Cafe Rio, but five fabric stores later I wound up with supplies for four different sewing projects.


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