Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Whan That Aprille With His Shoures Soote

"You should hear from us in early April," they said.

While I knew that I wouldn't be getting any word last week, that little flutter of hope that I would see a (1) in my rarely-used Business Gmail account showed up every time I checked my email.

Now it's getting worse.  As of yesterday it's officially April.  Moreover, it's early April.  Any second now I will slide down my mailboxes, the timer wheel will spin, a (1) will show up in that fourth slot, and I will finally be able to move forward with my plans for the summer and for the next school year, whatever they may be.

I'm really showing admirable restraint in not being too obsessive with my checking.  I'm only looking between classes, at lunch, and after school - times when it's totally kosher for me to have my cell phone out.

Granted, at 4:42 AM, that moment right after I click the "Okay" notice for the alarm to turn off, I also press the envelope icon and look for news even before I can actually see out of my sleep-crusty contacts.  I know they wouldn't email me outside of normal business hours, but I still check and hope still flutters.

"Early April," they said.

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