Monday, August 05, 2013

Breakfast at Lucile's

As I sat down to breakfast this morning with Lisa and Tammy, I found myself instinctively reaching for my cell phone as the food arrived to snap a picture.  I hesitated, reminding myself that I was not out of town.  But then I thought, why not?  I'm out at a new (to me) restaurant with good friends and the food looks delicious.  Why shouldn't I document this meal with the same dedication I do on my trips?

So here's my breakfast at Lucile's:

Lucile's is a Creole cafe that serves breakfast and lunch (po' boys a plenty!).  While having dinner at a different Creole restaurant a week or so ago, Lisa was shocked (shocked!) when she discovered that neither Tammy nor I had been to this institution.  She immediately proposed breakfast during our last week of summer vacation.

Family o' Mine - we should get breakfast here the next time you're in town.  If we can get a table, that is - apparently the place is packed on the weekends.  And for good reason.  I mean, look at these beignets:

Not to mention the buttermilk biscuit that comes with almost every breakfast entree:

(Not pictured: the blueberry jam, strawberry-rhubarb jam, pepper jelly, apple butter, and orange marmalade for said biscuit.  The waitress asked which ones we'd like and, taking after my father, I said, "All of them.")

And for my entree, I got a "Cajun Breakfast":

Poached eggs with Hollandaise served over red beans which were cooked with bone-in ham
with grits and fried potatoes on the side. 


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  1. Dear, sweet, Lucile's. I was constantly thinking of excuses to have breakfast there. I still dream about those biscuits. Next time, have the French toast. Or any pancake special.