Friday, May 15, 2015


The last few days have remained crappy (on occasion literally, as you'll see in my next post).  Unable to take the treatments I really need (getting good sleep, regular exercise, and time away from PITA students, for example), I've taken to self-medicating.

For some that means ice cream or alcohol or other vices.

Me, my vices are spreadsheets:

Current Itinerary for NY Trip

China Train Research

To Do Lists:

(Fun Fact: I wrote the last item upon waking suddenly at 11:30 at night.
I have absolutely no idea what "Pin for Centennial" means.)

Calendar Charts:

The item in the upper right is a comic-book style rendering of the ending of Macbeth
given to me recently by Chism, one of my seniors.

Color-Coded Paper Clips:

and, just this once, saying, "Screw grading!" to the stack of tests on my desk, skeddadling as soon as the last kids leave, and catching the 4:00 showing of Avengers 2:

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