Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Make Them Hear You (reprise)

Yes! I am repeating a post title. I feel it's justified, though, given a) my much improved mood and b) one of the causes of that upturn.

After another hard-to-sleep night (thoughts of the show just kept running through my mind. Even once I feel asleep, I just dreamed about the play - we moved the show outside, and I was distressed about getting the sound to work over the wind, blocking on a hill, etc.), I woke up tired, naturally. Towards the begining of the day, though, the sound guy from the district came to check out our system. Dear Janelle took my class, I pulled my techie Josh out of class, and we went to the booth with Jerry. He spent about an hour with us, repairing microphones, agjusting frequencies, and teaching both of us how to actually work the soundboard beyond the basics. The results? At rehearsal today we heard everyone, and I didn't even have to be up in the booth! Ah - glorious!

Other happiness included getting the props I ordered from Oriental Trading, having a mom bring back finished scarves AND volunteer to sew even more, and in general having a good day.

I have found my optimism again, thank goodness. I just hope it sticks!

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