Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Make Them Hear You

I do this every year.

Two weeks to showtime, ten rehearsals left, and I am stressed.

On one hand, we are actually ahead of schedule. Kelley, Janelle, and I wound up delivering our "guilt-the cast" speeches yesterday ("We've put so much into this show"..."How dare you waste our time by not knowing your part"..."You will be on stage in two weeks, not us"...etc.). I realized afterwards that we delivered the speech a week before normal. That's probably a good thing.

My dear mother also fielded my usual "It's never gonna happen!" venting phone call ahead of schedule, as she pointed out today.

Basically, I am just stressed. It will come together - it always does. I just need to trust my cast to pull it together... and figure out how to add three more hours to the day. Mmm. That would be marvelous. Did any of you (besides my sister) watch that show "Out of This World"? I have always envied Evie's ability to freeze time. Oh, for that power! You can keep your mind control or ability to fly - give me more time!

I do this every year. Nope, remembering that doesn't help.

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