Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sleep Tite

Hello again, O Faithful Readers!I apologize for my long absence. Most of you are quite aware of my schedule, so I hope you will excuse me. I thought I would post a run-down on the last month, though:

1. Went to LA with my parents and brother. Outstanding trip, especially the Getty, which has become one of my top 3 museums - great collection, excellent layout, very pleasant. This trip provided a much-needed escape from the state. I'll post pictures as soon as I upload them.

2. Hosted a benefit concert for my school in conjunction with one of the school's business
partners. It went... it went. The performers were pretty good, but mostly this was just one more task to get through for me. Definitely the lowest on my show-priority list. Speaking of...

3. The Relief Society play was this week. It's over, so hurrah. While I am looking forward to having my Tuesday nights back, and while I am already enjoying my now-free Saturdays, it was an interesting experience to work with adult actors. Given all of the last-minutes adjustments, the performance actually went rather well. Apparently, the stake president even got teary – a sign of spiritual success, I guess. Personally, I’m just glad it’s done so I can focus on “Island”.

4. “Island” is going pretty well. Our set is underway, most of the special effects are worked out, Monday we go off book, and I spent tonight knitting frog fur. Yes, frog fur. Let’s just say it’s an experiment. Oh, and our show’s going to be on the news. It’s odd, but of all of the stress of shows, the thing I’m most worried about is having to be at school by 5:30 am one morning in order to do this news broadcast. Huh. In any case, I am please to report that so far the only arrest to interrupt rehearsals actually wasn’t one of my actors. Which brings us to

5. Kelley (the dance teacher) and I got in a little scuffle with a crazy, stoned high school kid named “Curly Sue” who crashed our rehearsal on Wednesday. The short version of the story is that the guy made a break for it after shoving Kelley around and calling us both… well… use your imagination. Pretty much any swearing you can think of, he used it. As he ran across the parking lot, Kelley and I chased him until an awesome ninth-grader tackled the druggie in a Superman-esque leap. We wondered what took the detective so long to respond to our requests for help until we learned he was breaking up a fight and arresting a different kid at the time. Ah, spring.

So there’s a quick run down on the major events of the last month. I’ll try to get back in the habit of posting, especially now that I’m down to one show. In the meanwhile, happy March and watch out for curly-haired, stick-wielding strangers.

Incidentally, if any of you are aware of any teacher-education programs that include courses on self-defense, let me know. It wasn’t covered in my degree, although it has proven useful. :)

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  1. about 5 months after this happened i had the opportunity to meet this "curly" guy, and it was really interesting to hear what happened from his point of view because he doesn't really remember all of it. he was a interesting character.