Sunday, March 26, 2006

You'll See


I feel better. After church today, I kicked into gear and finally did some much-needed housework. Five loads of laundry, two loads of dishes, a good vacuuming, and a bit of organization later, and I am feeling much more at peace with my apartment. I am by no means done (you should see the pile I have to iron), but it sure feels good.

Last week, I worked from 7:30am to 10:00pm each day except Friday. I would have done the same on Friday, but the school won’t let me. The set is almost finished, and the dress rehearsals on Friday went pretty well. It was actually rather fun. We did loose a lead (every dang show!), but thanks to double-casting, that’s causing no real stress. No arrests – she just had a conflict with a rehearsal and had to make a really touch decision. As Janelle pointed out, we’re really acting better for her in the long run if she learns from choices like these now. So we stuck to the rules we had established from the beginning, and she lost her part to attend the other commitment.

Tomorrow is our last chance to rehearse before the news broadcast and the elementary school shows on Tuesday. Tomorrow’s also the beginning of 4th quarter at school, which seems so secondary right now. Four of my classes are changing, so I hope I get some understanding students. They will have to be patient with me this week.

I am going to have a bit of supper now, then off to bed. I’ll try to keep you updated on the show as next week progresses!

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  1. i was really disappointed that we lost a lead that year, everybody seem so dedicated. this was that funnest play i was ever in, but I've only been in 2 so.....don't be too exited.