Saturday, August 11, 2007


I've been without internet access for a few days now, hence my delay. I wrote the entry I posted below, but my hotel internet card ran out, and the front desk would only sell me a card for 300 rubles or above. Since I didn't need three hours worth, I tried the internet cafe across the street the next day. There, I bought 15 minutes worth and had typed a lovely post for you all, but the computer logged me off when I had 2 minutes left on my card, and since the cashier lady had disappeared, leaving me alone in a kind-of creepy room, I gave up. Today, though, I was out making last-minute purchases in Yaroslavl and passed another internet cafe, so I thought I would give it a shot. And here I am!

The time has really flown by here. It is my last day, and while I can't say that I'm sad to go, I can say that I'm glad I came. I decided to take it easier my last day here, so I've been walking all over town buying souveniers and gifts and taking pictures. I'm heading back to the hotel soon to pack, and tonight a few of the long-term volunteers are throwing a CCS party. Anthony, Caitlin, and Rachel were working on the food in the CCS office last night as Rose and I were watching a movie in there, so we got a preview of the menu. They're planning five courses, the highlight of which is a "Real" Salad. "Real" being defined by the presence of lettuce and the absence of mayonnaise.

I'll have to do a post-reflection on the whole shebang when I get stateside again, plus I have a few more stories to tell (including my adventures with the elderly at my last placement yesterday). My time online's running short, though, and I am trying not to go to the ATM again before I go.

I leave Yaroslavl at 5:00am tomorrow morning, Moscow at 2:30pm tomorrow afternoon, and New York City at 12:30pm on Tuesday. It'll be a crazy, airplane-filled next few days, but I'm excited to spend some time in NYC (hopefully finding a script for us to do this fall) and to get back to such luxuries as ice cubes, water from the tap, lettuce and other non-root vegetables, internet access, and customer service where you don't feel like you've offended and throroughly inconveinenced the waiter because you ask for something. America - hurrah!

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