Saturday, August 04, 2007

Russia - St. Petersburg Arrival

Hello from St. Petersburg!

We survived the very long, very hot, very horizontal train ride and found our hostel without too many problems. It's Sunday morning now, and Yen and Rose and I are heading out in just a moment to go to 1) Dostoevsky's Grave, 2) Dostoevsky's House-Museum (a bit of a pilgrimage for Rose), and 3) the Hermitage (!). I plan to get ballet tickets for myself for this evening along the way, too. Dang well better!

Anyway, the others are waiting. I'll tell you more about the train ride when I have longer. In the meanwhile, off to the cemetery! Whoo!

PS. St. P. is SO much better than Moscow - more open, more friendly, more European (v. Soviet). It's a winner in my book so far. As is the awesome Greek restaurant we ate at last night. Again, more later. Tah!

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