Thursday, August 02, 2007

Russia Day 10 - Back to Work

Hurrah! Despite a cough, I'm back at placements today. I will say this for my cold - it seems to be making me sleep soundly at night. Although I woke up when my cell phone rang at about 1:30am (Janelle left a voice message), I did not wake up when the drunken Russian from down the hall came calling on our suitemate at around midnight. Our hotel room is a little suite of rooms - you enter a door from the general hallway (which can't lock), and to the right is the toilet and the shower rooms (2 seperate rooms). One the left is the door to mine and Rose's room. Straight ahead is Allison's door, which is where Vulva (no, really, that's his name) came pounding and demanding to be let in. Fun! He woke Rose up, who locked our door. I didn't wake up, which is okay with me. We notified the hotel staff today, but who knows what the harrassment laws/policies are here. Try not to worry too much, Mom, now that I've posted the story.

The placements today were quite, but nice. Deaf kindergarten in the morning, with 7 kids, the largest group so far. There were three girls who went nuts for my camera, posing and dancing all the time. I played quite a bit with the kids, swinging them about and playing monster with them. I'm picking up some Russian sign language too - words like "share!" and "Thank you!"

The afternoon placement was the Kirovski City Camp. We did fingerprint drawings and played games with a very tame group of kids with an excellent and friendly staff.

Tonight I joined a group for pizza at a place called Marios, although it tasted more like a tortilla topped with gouda. I'll tell you more later, but my time online's about to end, so I need to post this asap.

Love you all!

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