Tuesday, August 07, 2007

St. Petersburg Pictures

Greek food! Happiness! Now picture the soundtrack from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" played by a live band in a blue room as I ate this.

The Peter and Paul Fortress across the Neva River at Sunset. I took this while waiting to meet Rose and Yan after the ballet. It's 10:30pm in this picture, by the way. Geography's weird.

Me in front of the Church on Spilled Blood.

Women selling produce outside of the church near Dostoevsky's house. (It's a little blurry because I was shooting surreptitiously.)

Rose and Yan at the Literary Cafe. This was the cafe Pushkin met his second at the morning he fought his fatal duel. We had a yummy dessert there, and it was only a block from our hostel.

The stage and orchestra pit of the Hermitage Theater (I took this withot a flash, long before the show began, by the way).

The waiting area of the train station we left from in St. P.

Sunset from the window of our train.

Not a St. P. picture, but this is my favorite of our CCS drivers. A very funny guy.

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