Monday, March 31, 2008

Beautiful People of Denver

I don't have as many pictures to post as I did for my last weekend excursion, but I do want to note my fun weekend in Denver. I flew out last week to visit my sister, Rachel, and we had a grand ol' time. We circled the city, exploring, shopped for ourselves and for Mom's birthday, saw "Be Kind Rewind" at their fun new restaurant/movie theater Neighborhood Flix, and watched a bit of "The IT Crowd" and a lot of "30 Rock". It was both fun and productive, and confirmed my pre-existing conviction as to how awesome my sister is.

Alas, I came back to a late-season snowstorm (with actual accumulation overnight!), a bunch of drivers who apparently forgot how to handle winter weather, and the prospect of no days off until Memorial Day (I know, I'm spoiled as a teacher. But I work hard, dang it!). I'm glad to have had another good trip, but I'm ready for a weekend at home to get things done. In four days.

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