Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is Not Over Yet

The musical ended well and, true to form, I'm home sick with a cold. I went to school yesterday because we had 1) our cast/crew party and 2) an AVID fundraiser. It was a long day. So, I called in sick and spent today doing very little. You know, I wish I could get sick for once with enough energy to get some things done during my time off. On the other hand, this is the first time this school year that I've had to take a sick day, but I didn't have to go back in to school for the afternoon. No auditions, no rehearsals, no set building - yay! (Actually, I did have a rehearsal scheduled - we were supposed to start rehearsing the Shakespeare Festival performance today, but I rescheduled that for tomorrow.)

The musical actually went very smoothly. We had smaller audiences - about 450 all three nights, but the students consistently gave good performances, which is really rather remarkable. They got very teary when we told them it would be Janelle's last show. Given that she's 8 months pregnant, you would think it wouldn't be too much of a surprise. Still, it wasn't until yesterday that Kelley and Janelle and I all started talking about how it really is the end of our collaborations together. Boy, is that depressing.

Other tallies:
Number of students who dropped out of the show the last week: 2
Number of parents who tried to pull their kid out of the show during the run so he wouldn't miss an appointment: 1 (I talked her out of it, thank goodness. We needed this kid.)
Number of kids who were almost hospitalized because they accidentally drank cleaning chemicals: 1 (I also wondered at the "accidental" nature of this at first, but with this kid, I believe it. If you picture Leaf Coneybear, you'd get a pretty good idea of the kid.)
Number of flower bouquets I got: 6 (My apartment smells pretty!)
Number of times my cat has thrown up leaf clippings: 3

Friday night I was nervous, since a ton of people I know and love were coming. Teresa, Heidi, and Brent were there, plus my parents and my sister. Rachel flew out from Denver, enjoying her relaxed-pre-nursing-school schedule, to spend the weekend hanging out with us. Andy had to work part of the time, but we did get to do the usual family things - shopping, eating good food, seeing a movie, and generally enjoying each other's company. Here's the amazing thing - this weekend was my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. And they chose to spend it with us kids, hanging out. Even though it meant they would spend the actual anniversary driving home all day. I love my family.

So, Happy 30th Anniversary to my awesome parents!

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  1. Congratulations on your survival! I am glad that you made it through another fairly uncomplicated season with nothing worse than a cold (and possibly a few gray hairs?!?). When are you headed to Denver? I hope you have a great trip and good luck!