Tuesday, March 04, 2008


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A quick update on the show:

We're about a week away at this point. Originally, we wanted to have the show this week, but with state testing going on we had to push it back. While I'm glad for the extra time to get things done, it's killing the kids' focus and taxing the patience of all. Their energy was great, and it built well last week. Now, though, it's suspended like... um... well, the image in my mind is the violin that sustains that long note in the Tango Roxanne in "Moulin Rouge". Kind of an obscure, specific one.

In any case, I wouldn't choose this kind of schedule again. The kids' will find their momentum again, and I think doing something new (bows) tomorrow will help.

I went hunting for a few last costume pieces tonight. There is a lady who is very generous with her rentals to us (she's the one I used for "Much Ado"), but she's a bit... weird. I have been dreading calling her because I knew it would be a two-hour visit when I went to pick up the costumes. She like to talk, and doesn't focus too well. Beautiful costumes, though, and good prices for schools. I was telling Janelle how I was bracing myself for spending all night there to get one dress, and she offered a plan. 30 minutes into the visit, she called me (I made sure my cell phone was in my pocket) and I held a conversation suggesting my need to leave immediately. It worked - I managed to escape only 10 minutes after that. Probably my fastest visit there. Plus, I came away with three possible dresses for Winnifred and a pair of boot spats for Dauntless.

I'll post more, probably this weekend when I have more time. My craftiness has been tested lately - I actually managed to make a decent-looking lute out of cardboard, posterboard, hangers, and duct tape with help from various students. I documented the process with my camera just for you, o faithful blog readers, so if you ever need to make a lute, well, you can look here.

Also, as a side note, I'm working on my travel plans for this summer. I had been planning on volunteering in Thailand, but discovered last week that the program was booked solid. I'm first on the waitlist, but I started looking into other possible places. Now, a bit to my surprise, I think I'll be working in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Which I know very little about. Do any of you know anything about Tanzania?

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  1. Tanzania...I am thinking it belongs somewhere on the African continent. What an adventure! I hope you keep hanging in there for a few more weeks without any major illnesses, arrests (actors not you yourself), or missing props! Good luck!