Monday, March 10, 2008

Real Big News

This summer I'm going here:

Yup, Bagamoyo, Tanzania is where I'll spending a month volunteering through CCS again. I'm both excited and fretful.

If, like me, you don't know where Tanzania is, it's here:

Bagamoyo's on the coast, right across from Zanzibar. Zanzibar! That's one of those places you go to just to say, "I've been to Zanzibar."

Plus, I get to go south of the equator for the first time.

While I am more practical than my imagination suggests, part of me totally wants to pack an outfit like this:

Complete with kid gloves and parasol (not shown).

I've also discovered this list of possible diseases I could contract:
River blindness,
African sleeping sickness,
Yellow Fever,
and Cholera.

Cholera! Such a romantic disease, featured in many a Frances Hodgeson Burnett novel.

I kid. The name, like Earnest, may produce vibrations; the disease itself, however, is not to be had. I'm gonna get me a whole bunch o' shots. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

1 comment:

  1. It really is a rather romantic as far as diseases are concerned! I am so excited for you! Have you taken into consideration your past encounters with African men? Do I need to be concerned about you running away and joining a remote jungle village?