Monday, June 01, 2009

The Last Midnight

I did the dishes; took out the trash; ran to the bank and the post office; purchased everything I need; sat on the phone with AT&T to set up international stuff; cleared my trip with the bank and credit card company; paid my bills; made, printed, and copied my complete itinerary; redid the contents of my iPod and iPhone; and packed everything into a purse, a small backpack for the plane, and my suitcase which weighs in at... 30 pounds! (Most European airlines have a 20 kg weigh limit (about 44 pounds).)

Oh, and I also (finally) realized that I'm going to be in Spain. And Prague. And Greece. And Turkey. There! Getting sunburned, seeing the sights, riding in a hot air balloon; walking on Greek dirt, seeing Turkish moustaches, waking up to calls to prayers, gone for four weeks THERE!

And it's not even midnight yet.

I'm off to bed. As soon as the video I decided to upload at the last minute finishes.

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