Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Egg

Metaphor #17 of difference between districts

At Small Town Middle School, one of the student's mothers earned extra money by making tamales and selling them to the teachers every few weeks. They were cheap and yummy.

At Mountain Town High School, one of my students lives on a ranch and owns 17 chickens and offered to sell me some eggs. They are speckled brown and huge.


I should be shooting these with a foodie-blog's beautiful camera, but I'm not.

Naturally, I needed to do something wonderful with these eggs. I boiled a few tonight to make deviled eggs later, but I was in the mood for something sweet. So I made these.

I should have taken lovely, drool-inducing photos of my chocolate-chip pancake muffins like Bakerella, but I didn't.

Instead, I put them on one of my blue plates and put the blue plate in the middle of a circle of red peppers. No reason for that, other than I was carrying around the plate and noticed the peppers laid out on my bar (a project-in-waiting) and the plate happened to fit exactly in the circle I had made of peppers and I really, really like it when things fit perfectly into other things.

So here:

Puffins 'n' Peppers

I should share these with others, but I'm not.


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