Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something Has Happened

Somewhere over the Rockies right about now, there's an audience of strangers watching a production of my play!

Yup. That little project Heidi and I have been putting together for oh-so-long is being produced at the Rose Wagner Theatre in Salt Lake as part of the Page-to-Stage Festival!

After our play won a staged reading at the festival last year, the fine folks at Wasatch dropped some subtle hints about our resubmitting it for this year's festival (as in, "You are going to resubmit it, right?"). We gladly said we would, and set about revising and editing and such, promising to turn in a new version of the script for consideration by spring.

Heidi went to see one of their productions in April or May. It was actually the evening after she had dropped off our script at the producer's office. To her surprise, when she opened the program an usher handed her that evening, there was a flyer announcing auditions for the festival that fall, including a 'new and exciting play about teaching'! Which means they had already decided to produce our show, even before we had officially entered the contest again!

Unlike our production this summer for SLAC, this one's hands-free for us. We gave them the script and they're running with it. Unlike the staged reading last fall, this is a full-fledged production. The director came to see our SLAC performance, and she seemed quite lovely. Even if they did add a fifth person to the piece, recutting our script for two guys and three girls. That should be interesting to see how it turns out.

In any case, if you're in the Salt Lake area and looking for something to do in the next few weeks, maybe you could consider seeing this little something I helped to make?

The schedule's a little confusing, since they're rotating shows around the time slots as part of the festival. There's a full listing on Wasatch's website. Look for "Making Waves".

And if you'd like to see me (and I hope you do!), I'll be there for the show on Friday, September 18th. There's going to be a panel about education after the show that night and they've asked me to participate.

Also? How cool is this? After all my years buying tickets at Arttix, something I wrote is actually for sale there!

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