Wednesday, September 02, 2009

We Share Everything

Here's a new thing I'm trying this week: carpooling.

Tiffany, a history teacher at the school, invited me to join her carpool when we discovered that I live about a mile away from her. She drives with John, a science teacher (Hey, that's familiar!) who lives a bit further east of here. I held off at first, since I was staying late after school each day, settling in. Monday, though, I gave it a whirl.

It's a little painful - I had been leaving at 6:15 each day, but now I had to leave at 5:45 to get to Tiffany's house in time for their leave time of 6:00.

I like it, though. For one, the drive goes faster when there's company. I've been picking up on and taking notes of the school's history through hints and undertones, and asking questions about procedures I still need to figure out. For example? We got a sudden email on Monday saying that the district will be releasing early on Friday - Mountain Town High School lets out at 11:30. Mystified, I asked Tiffany and John what was up - do we have a faculty meeting? Training? CSAP data conference?

Nope. Turns out the traffic up the highway to and through Mountain Town is awful Labor Day weekend, so they're releasing early to help the buses out and make it a little safer for the teen drivers.

And I am totally okay with making that sacrifice. You know, for the drivers.

Anyway, there's one perk of spending and hour and a half with some fellow teachers. The other perk? The savings!

We rotate off driving, so I drove for the first time this week today. My car takes almost exactly one gallon of gas each direction to and from school. That means it costs me about $5 per day to go to work. Which means that I've saved $10 so far this week by carpooling! Which means that if I keep this up, it'll only take me 10 weeks of carpooling to save up the money I have to spend to repair my windshield from the crack in the glass from a semi on the commute to school. Whoo!

Oh, also? Guess who's still hanging around?
See her?
See her?

Found her!
Mrs. Danvers is still stalking me. I think she was planning an aerial attack this time.

P.S. Am watching Glee as I post this. This is the fourth time I've seen the pilot (not counting obsessive clip-watching on Hulu). I lurv this show.

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