Wednesday, September 09, 2009

When I First Saw You

Since my last post was not so pretty, I thought I'd temper it with some of this:

Glee! Glee! Glee!

Rachel and Miranda came down to watch the premier with me tonight. It was AWESOME! (Please imagine Miranda's tone and intonations for that one, as I do in my head.)

I claim unknown and imaginary special privileges because I was a fan of Matthew way before Glee.

There was this:

(That's him in the white suit.)

And this (jump to 1:30):

And, of course, this:

(Zooey Deschanel - ew. I'm not a fan of her.)

But not only him! I also knew Lea Michele from her awesome vocals in this show:

Although her singing power is better demonstrated in this song:

Oh, I love this show. I haven't even mentioned how awesome Jane Lynch is, either. Believe me. She is.

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  1. Aww! You mentioned me AND my intonation in your blog!