Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Few More Hours

The snow was coming down fairly thickly when Jesse and I walked out of rehearsal last night, and I told him how conflicted I felt. On one hand, a snow day would give me the time I needed to grade papers and write midterms. On the other hand, we really couldn't afford to miss a rehearsal at this stage of the game.

The snow just barely covered the ground, so to school I went, running the math of the day over and over in my head, hoping that I would find a hidden couple of hours to get it all done.

Happily, I had booked the computer lab for the Humanities class. Their assignment was to go to this website and make a mosaic, then spend the rest of the period reviewing for their midterm exam tomorrow using the 100+ word list I had given them. I figured I would be fielding a lot of questions as they reviewed, but I hoped for at least five minutes of independent work so I could update the gradebook.

Turns out, I had underestimated their potential for obsession with digital art projects. Most of them spent the entire period working on their mosaics, producing things like this:

They loved it (you should see some of the ones that were variations on the Greek Key!); meanwhile, I graded almost all of the papers I needed to get through. Hurrah!

Then, even better, the cold readings took longer than I thought in Advanced Drama, which means the auditions for their next play are spilling over to tomorrow, which means I didn't have to spend tonight casting the show. Yay!

Instead, I ran to the grocery store (which is a bigger feat than usual, since I'm still camped out in Mountain Town and the nearest grocery store is 30 minutes away) to get treats for the students who might show up to help paint on Saturday. Then Jason and I caught up a little by phone. It had been a while since we've talked, since we're both fielding crazy work/performance schedules, him with his black tie affairs at the Ritz Carlton, me with my turning toilet paper tubes into oversized kite bobbins.... We do live glamorous lives.

The productive element to our conversation was that we finally (FINALLY) made some decisions about our summer trip. As in, we know the dates. The destination is still up in the air, but by golly we know when we won't be where we currently are now. Hurrah encore!

My day ended with a quick bite to eat for dinner and this blog post. I find myself composing blog entries in my head when I get especially busy, sort of narrating the crazy, as it were.

And now, bed, for tomorrow I must write two midterm exams before my first class period.

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