Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Morning

Scenes from a Morning with the Walls

Setting: House o' Wall, home to Emily, Ben, Caitlyn (6), and Logan (4). Specifically, Caitlyn's bedroom. I am asleep in a remarkably pink bed. In the early-morning darkness I hear heavy breathing hovering in front of my face.

I think: Hmm... no whiskers poking my cheek. It can't be Nash.

I open my eyes and see Caitlyn's nose about two inches from my nose. When she sees my eyes open, she grins. I'm silent. She's silent. We stare at each other for a few minutes.

Emily's voice from her bedroom: Caitlyn! Leave Manda alone!

Caitlyn scurries away. I go back to sleep.

Later, I am up and in the bathroom brushing my teeth. The door opens a crack.

Logan: Manda?

Me: (through the minty foam) Yeth?

The door opens further, just enough to let in a box of cereal, which Logan tips towards the countertop.

Logan: I brought you breakfast, Manda.

Emily's voice from her bedroom: Logan ! Leave Manda alone!

Logan scurries away.

Later, I am in the bathroom getting ready for the day. I hear a plaintive scratching at the bathroom door.

Emily: (From the other side of the door, mischievously) Manda?

Ben's voice from their bedroom: Emily! Leave Manda alone!

The House of Wall is indeed a fantastic place to be. Thanks for the great weekend, Em!

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