Monday, June 13, 2011

In Which We Break the Sabbath, Then Honor the Sabbath, Then Break the Sabbath Again

As mentioned before, it was a paint-filled weekend. By the time we called it a night Saturday, the living room was filled with paint fumes and the couch-wall was a grayish-blue. Because the smell was too much and the "bed" was shoved against a lot of other items, we pulled the couch-cushions off and arranged them in Jason's room like so:

Ruth's Bed

Yes, it is a bit Ruth-and-Boaz-like, but it worked for a night.

The next morning we promptly donned paint clothes and dove in for a second coat. Once finished, we arranged the bedroom to give that its paint job, moving the bed and bookcases and taping the walls and such. By then it was time for church, so we gussied-up and were off.

Church was pretty run-of-the-mill. The building was on the more interesting/less 1980's generic wrap-around side of designs with actual see-through glass windows in the chapel that showed off the leafy green trees all around, nifty chandeliers, and a Relief Society room decorated with a pale damask-type wallpaper. It's nice to see a change in design once in a while.

After church we promptly changed back into paint clothes and tackled the bedroom wall with a "Woodpecker" brown. We got one coat on and were rearranging the furniture and getting ready to start making dinner when the power went out. There had been a glorious-if-brief thunderstorm earlier in the afternoon, but I don't think that was the cause. We waited for an hour before giving up on the idea of making dinner and headed out.

The mall across the street was likewise dark, but there was a restaurant nearby that had power. The waiter explained that it was because they were in the National Science Foundation building, and government buildings have their own generators.

Nourished and ready for round two (well, more like round eight), we headed back upstairs. There wasn't much point to trying to paint in the dimming sunlight. Instead, we pulled out flashlights and arranged and re-arranged the living room to Jason's satisfaction.

We were just debating what to do with the too-early-for-bed too-late-for-going-out-to-a-movie timing when FOOM! the power came back.

We celebrated by watching Doctor Who, then turned in for the night.

A very busy weekend, yes, but satisfying in that way that only high productivity can be.

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