Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Home


I got home from school Thursday and found Natasha sleeping on my pillow. She usually sleeps on the foot of the bed, so I assume she's put off by the white duvet cover.

When I took the picture, it occurred to me that I never actually posted a tour of my condo back when I moved in... three years ago. Score one for procrastination!

Without further ado (and with lesser-quality pictures and decorating skills than my friend's recent apartment tour), enjoy!

Bedroom 2
Foot of the bed/door to balcony

Bedroom 3
Vanity and Hall to the Master Bathroom

Close-up of Vanity Accessories from Ikea

Dining Room
Dining Room

Living Room
Living Room

Living Room
Entertainment Center/Fireplace in Living Room (with glimpses of the music room and front hall)

Music Room
Music Room


Kitchen 2
Kitchen (I'm spoiled by counter-top space!)

View of Dining Room, Bedroom Doorway, and Living Room from Kitchen

Hall to Music Room (and Office) Viewed from Kitchen

and, while I'm at it, here's one of the reasons I haven't been sleeping well this week:

Security Light

That's the window next to my vanity at night. Even with the blackout curtains I've installed, my room never gets totally dark. I'm usually a heavy enough sleeper that it doesn't affect me, but when I'm already restless the security lights around my building drive me up the wall.

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  1. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Your place looks great! JJD