Wednesday, August 10, 2011

San Diego

My family and I had a perfectly delightful quick trip to San Diego last weekend.  My mom found an awesome hotel that was 1) right on the beach, 2) staffed by extremely friendly and helpful people, and 3) surprisingly soundproof, despite the raging club right next door.

We went to the zoo, out to dinner with the San Diego Waterhouses, and relaxed at the beach.  I got in a little boogie boarding time with Andy, Jenn, and my aunt Nathalie, but far less time than usual since the life guard station listed the water temperature at "60-62 degrees".  Really, it wasn't bad once you went numb, but it did make me less inclined for a second round in the ocean.

Here's a selection of the few pictures I took:

Walking at the Airport
Jack and Rachel getting the wiggles out at the airport

Jack and Rachel and Elephants
Jack and Rachel at the San Diego Zoo's elephant section

San Diego Zoo
Andy in the sun

Aviary Jenn
Jenn on a bird



Moustached Dad
Dad with a mint-leaf moustache and a blasée Sadie

Mermaid Cousins
My cousins, the mermaids

Vacation Stitch Removal
Dad removing a few of Mom's stitches on our hotel balcony

Jack and Grandpa
Jack and his great-grandfather

It was a marvelous final trip for the summer.  Thanks again, Mom and Dad!

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