Friday, August 12, 2011

If Only They'd Move the Start Time to 8:30...

Despite my anxiety over starting school again, I pointed three things out to myself at our first faculty meeting yesterday:

1) It's my third year here. I know what I'm doing, and that will make this year a lot easier.

2) I know all of these people, and I like being around them. I am friends with a lot of the teachers here, and even though we don't socialize outside of work and we hardly see each other during work, knowing I have friends among colleagues makes this a better work environment.

3) My principal is about as perfect for me as can be in terms of meshing with my teaching philosophy. To illustrate, here are two quotes from him in our faculty meeting yesterday:

"The test scores are rolling in and I'll be bringing the data around to the different departments over the next few days.... Data is good for observing patterns and instigating discussions. That's all. It is not a measure of teacher efficiency - there are many other factors at work behind the numbers."

(on the teacher development book he chose for the year) "It promotes self-sufficiency as teachers which, as you know, I am very much in favor of."

I loved DC, so much so that I've been tempted to investigate job openings there. I don't think, though, that I'll find another position that lets me teach theater under an administration that fits so well with my philosophies. This is a really good place for me to be teaching, and that is something to remember.

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