Sunday, October 09, 2011


When I left for the school at 5:30 yesterday morning, there was at least an inch of wet, heavy snow on the ground and it was coming down in thick, giant flakes.

Two of the five registered schools called by 7:30 to say they had made it halfway and had to turn back around due to the storm.

Three of the schools actually made it, as did all of my students and most of my judges.  We held a tiny but thorough meet, my kids won a lot (which should be no surprise, since they made up over 60% of the competitors), one school left before the third round because the snow was still coming down thick and giant, and we got everything cleaned up and were out of there by 1:30.

What I mostly noticed this time was how easily things came to me.  People asked me questions and I knew the answer, just like that.  No second-guessing, no combing through the Speech Handbook, no faking my way out of mistakes with "Oh, well, we did things differently in Utah...."  It's so nice to know what I'm doing.

I stuck around the school for about 30 minutes while two of my students waited for belated parental rides.  By the time I left, the snow had moved northward towards the city.  The roads were not bad at all, though, and the snow turned to rain as I exited the canyon.  I ran a few errands, then everything started to suck.  I realized that I hadn't had any water that day (let alone lunch).  Two big glasses of ice water later, I was in a good enough mood to join Rachel, Ben, and Jack for an early dinner at Olive Garden.

Then I fell asleep sitting on my couch at 8:00 PM.

I moved to my bed sometime around 11 and slept quite soundly.  Today has been quieter - some housekeeping, practicing the piano for church, church itself, and I read two books.  I had been sorely neglecting my book-reading this week, so it felt nice to literally catch up (get it?  Literally?).

This week will be a crazy one, too - I have a travel club meeting for NYC, CPR training, a non-field-trip to see To Kill a Mockingbird, midterms and end-of-the-quarter grading, the PSATs, and an overnight speech meet in Vail.  Sadly, the last part means I have to miss a family-get-together in Salt Lake for my brother's birthday.  Since Rachel and Jack got to run home this week for a mini-trip too, I'm feeling a bit home- family-sick.  I'm very much looking forward to Christmas.

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