Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Reckoning

Now we are 32!

I am typing this entry on my new Macbook! Yay! It's shiny and has a huge memory (so I can laugh in a few years, it's got 500 GB. For perspective, my old one had 80) and really, who could ask for anything more?

Yes, that is what was in the FedEx box and is what I so patiently waited five weeks for. It's so worth it.

I celebrated/checked the speakers (they're louder than my old ones!) by watching the latest Vlogbrothers video. I'd watch a show, but I'm old and tired and am going to bed soon.

Speaking of old, I picked up a platform today to clear the stage for the (surprise!) assembly after my drama class and my back seized up and shrieked, "Oh, no you didn't!" all sassy-like. I want to take it as a sign that my injuries from the summer's car accident are still not mended because I don't like the alternative explanation that I'm just getting old and now I have back problems soon to be followed by bifocals, gray hair.

I had a lovely but mostly normal day. School, practice, then dinner at Damascus Grill and dessert at Yogurtland with the Masons. I've gotten many kind wishes today in person, by phone, and by the internets - thank you all for those! It was delightful to hear from you!

I'm torn at the moment between trying on the new dresses I ordered for Paris that arrived in the mail today, playing with my new shiny toy, and going to bed.

Quickly, then, let's review the past year:

Number of Books: 84 (which is weird!)
Number of Movies: 34
Number of Attended Plays/Concerts: 19
Number of Produced Plays: 8
Number of Blog Entries: 234
Number of Visits to the ER: 1
Number of Smithsonian Museums: 18
Number of Miles Above Sea Level: 16, 109
Number of Llamas: So many llamas!
Number of Trips: 14+ - they are as follows:
  • Lots of Speech Meets
  • Salt Lake City
  • Grand Junction
  • Boulder
  • Seattle/Mt. Vernon/Bellingham
  • Vancouver
  • Grand Junction encore
  • Grand Junction encore encore
  • Washington, DC
  • PERU!
  • Charlottesville/Monticello
  • Rehoboth Beach
  • Grand Junction encore encore encore
  • Pacific Beach, CA (I can't believe I forgot this one!)
  • Boulder
  • And again more speech meets

A good day, a good year, and many good times to come. Bring it, 32!

Thanks for the hat!
(In a beret made by ma mere, which came with the instructions that I wear it while doing something very touristy in Paris. If you have suggestions for what I should do, do tell!)

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