Friday, October 28, 2011

Well, Flock Me!

"Ms. Waterhouse, we're like your family, aren't we?"

"Well, no.  I appreciate the sentiment, but you're very much not my family."

"Okay, fine.  Then we're like... your flock?"

"My flock?"

"Yeah!  We're your flock!  And you're our flockmother."

One of the pieces I tried to write for Making Waves that never got off the ground was a piece about all of the names and titles I've been called as a teacher.  I can honestly say that "Flockmother" was not a name I'd ever imagined for myself.  I can also say that I was quite touched this morning when my Advanced Drama class coronated me as such.

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  1. John Peterson10:33 PM

    The funniest one I ever got was a girl that called me "Grandma." Oh, yeah. I didn't say a thing because the class mocked her ferociously.