Sunday, April 08, 2012

A Card

I seem to have a habit of assigning myself major craft projects over school holidays, like making doll versions of our family.  Sure, I spent three days locked in my bedroom sewing.  But look what I accomplished!

My mom's birthday fell at the end of my Spring Break this year, perfect timing for me to make something.  I wound up making her a version of this sand pendulum.  I adapted the original project to scale it down and to use a glass Middle-Eastern-looking bowl instead of the squirrel baffle the original called for.  That led me to teach myself some weaving tricks with leather and beads and I tried to figure out how to suspend a glass bowl in the air without drilling holes.  It was a fun creative project, and I think my mom liked it.

I did not, however, take any pictures of it.  Whoops!  I did take a few pictures of the card I made her, though, so I'll share that with you.

My parents went to Seattle a few months ago and brought me back this Japanese book of embroidery designs:

Embroidery Book

Even though I can't read a word of it, the designs are adorable and simple enough to figure out. I used one of them to make a peek-a-boo-style card for my mom:



Cute, right?   I'm going to have to try some more of these designs.

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