Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Default Settings

"How's life?" my home teachers asked yesterday.

"Oh, fine," I replied, shifting into a cross-legged position in my armchair as they settled onto my couch.

"Still busy?" they asked, brows furrowed in slight concern.

"Yes," I said, "but that's okay."

They asked about my summer plans and I outlined what I knew - the student trip to New York, the probable Spain/Morocco trip with Jason; as well as what was up in the air - another round of Pueblo Ingles; summer classes and volunteering, probably in DC.

"That sounds busy," they said.  "Do you like it that way?"

I shrugged.  Not because I didn't know, but because it's a question I've been wrestling with and wondering about, and I wasn't sure how to answer without going into far more detail than I wanted to with my home teachers.  I settled on vague honesty - "It's my default mode."

The field trip last week and the Intro. to Drama Class play that immediately followed it wore me out through and through.  I have another late-night field trip this week at the DCTC.  Next week is booked with all kinds of fun after-school things - a non-field trip with a group of students to a matinee of Curtains in a community theater near Mountain Town; another New York meeting; dinner with my somewhat-church-based book club; Wicked with Rachel, Ben, and a bunch of my students; the symphony; a round of Sip 'n' Paint with friends.  The week after that is the Adv. Drama play for this quarter.

Despite all of that, it still feels like I have more time now that the musical and speech is done for the year.  I'm reveling in getting grading done easily and promptly.  It's nice to be able to carpool again, even though it means leaving an extra half-hour early tomorrow so John can make a leadership meeting.  I can exercise and cook my own dinner instead of falling asleep over take-out.  I have more time to choose what I'm doing, instead of trying to squeeze in what I have to do.

Do I like it this way? 


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