Monday, April 30, 2012

Pueblo Ingles Part Dos

Speaking of summer plans, let me tell you about the news on that front.

Granted, my upcoming New York trip is technically summer travel.  But you and I both know that a four-day trip to New York certainly isn't enough to satisfy my wanderlust.  So I applied to my favorite past volunteer organization, Pueblo Ingles, for another round of teaching English to intelligent people in the more remote parts of Spain.  Happily, last Friday they offered me a spot in their July 6-13th program.

This was actually my second choice of dates.  Jason's coming out to meet me in Madrid at the end of my program so we can tour about together for a few weeks - the plan is Spain and Morocco with an ever-growing emphasis on Morocco.  We had been hoping for the later set of dates I requested, since that works better with his summer schedule.  Sadly, that was not the offer.  However, after reading about the venues and getting reassurances from Jason that the earlier dates can still work, I am pretty excited about this opportunity.

Pueblo Ingles actually has several different sites around Spain (and Italy and Germany) that they rotate between.  I'll be at Coto del Valle, their newest site.  Here's the description from their website:

This stunning 4-star hotel situated in the heart of Cazorla National Park in the Jaen region is a private reserve surrounded by a landscape of outstanding natural beauty. Exhibiting architecture that is both well-maintained and respectful of the surrounding environment, here you will feel close to nature without compromising on comfort.

Bedrooms are all externally-facing, with a terrace and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. There is a large swimming pool to cool off in those summer months, beautifully kept gardens for strolling and a rustic, cozy lounge to have a coffee and relax. The restaurant and cafeteria serve fresh cuisine typical of the region.  There is a variety of outdoor activities that you allow you to explore the beautiful and fascinating spots of the National Park.

This location is ideal for those of you who can cope with 40 degrees centigrade and above ... and for people who have never been to Andalusia before and offers a typical representation of life in the south. The hotel is modern and comfortable and boasts some of the best views in the region. Be aware that this site is quite hilly as the hotel is situated in the mountains. You'll be exercising more than just your vocal chords! The trip to get there takes a bit longer but, trust us, it's worth it! 

It should be quite different than the restored medieval village I stayed in last time.  The heat is daunting, but since the hotel a) has wifi, b) is "modern," and c) has air conditioning, I should be able to manage.  I don't know about those "outdoor activities," though.  As you may recall, by my experience, nature usually means dirt and bugs.  Hmm.

Wait, let me look at those hotel photos again:

It may be tough, but I just might survive.


  1. um... that's above 104 degrees. I only say that because you must not have done the math right ;-)

    1. Oh, don't remind me. I'm trying hard to repress that math. :)