Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Making Plans

I did not get either of the NEH seminars I applied to. They're a tricky thing - it's not about being the best candidate. The qualities they're looking for are not at all specified, plus they're looking to create a particular group dynamic, so each accepted candidate would affect the others.

Anyway, it's nice to finally have that resolved so I can move on. While both seminars would be great opportunities, the time table is frustrating. I missed the deadlines for many other programs while waiting to hear from this one, so I am in a bit of a quandary over what to do with myself this summer. Because, as you know, I need Things To Do.

A novel thought did occur to me: What if I stayed in Colorado?

It wouldn't be for the whole summer of course. Let's not be crazy now. I still plan on traveling somewhere with Jason. I might also do another Pueblo Ingles program. If that's the case, Jason and I might switch our destinations from Berlin/Poland/Russia to Spain/Morocco. We'll see.

Even if I do all of that, the combined travel time is just over three weeks. That leaves an awful lot of summer left to make productive.

I think I was spoiled last summer. I loved living in DC with Jason, and I find myself missing both the city and the company. I need a purpose this summer. Structure. So I've been looking through online catalogs the past few days. Red Rocks offers a few classes that fit between school letting out and my travel plans. I'm drawn to the idea of studying "Tap" or "Painting with Watercolors" or "Music History - Medieval to Classical." I balk at the tuition, though. I haven't been very frugal with my traveling this past year (our new-found affection for the Michelin Guide might be a contributing factor here), and my summer-time playing money is depleted.

Hmm. I have research to do.

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