Sunday, December 23, 2012

No Cause for Alarm

I have accomplished many, many thing this week, although blogging certainly hasn't been one of them. The accomplishments come in the following categories: End-of-the-Semesterness, Christmas-Presentment, and Preparing-for-a-Houseguestology.

The happy news, in addition to the accomplishment of so many things, I that I do indeed have a houseguest! Believe me, it was touch 'n' go up until the last minute. Then in a Christmas Miracle to rival George Bailey, Jason escaped The Conference Room of Endless Negotiations and Endless Neckties to come play for a few days! Yay!

We have much to accomplish, naturally.

I did, however, celebrate my first day of break by doing something I haven't done in months: deleted all alarms. Oh, glorious natural sleep cycle! How I have missed you.

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