Sunday, December 09, 2012

Tis a Crafty Season

Last Saturday I went to Fancy Tiger's Handmade Holiday Craft Fair with Lisa.

We had brunch at DenBisCo first (Oh.  My.  Biscuit.)

Then went to this fancy building
Where we browsed all of these vendors and more.
Lisa got a very cute baby hat for her soon-to-be newest grandchild.  I got two art prints, a necklace charm, and a pie.

Lisa also recruited me to help her with the Relief Society Enrichment activity this month.  They're making gift tags, so I offered to come up with some paper designs that are uber-simple (the women in our ward are not terribly crafty).  Here are the samples I made:

Can you tell that three are 3-D?
Triangles, circles, and stripes.  Should be doable, right?

Speaking of crafts, my book club had a Christmas party this week as well.   An ornament exchange was one of the evening's highlights, but I couldn't find any ornaments that I wanted to bring.  So I made one:

And then I decided it was too easy.  So I made another one:

Felt and embroidery floss, both left over from the kit Rachel gave me.
It was well-received.  I wound up with a fancy egg ornament in a nifty cigar box.  I actually swapped for the sake of the cigar box, since the Drama 1 play was the next day and it could work for a last-minute prop.

The Drama 1 play (The Trials of Robin Hood) Thursday night and Friday during school went fine, despite three students not showing up for the in-school matinee (well, two no-shows and one pulled 2 minutes before curtain by our V.P.  Something big was going down).  Yay for the remaining 25 for covering with no notice!  We had a great turn-out Thursday night, and many of the kids seem to have caught the drama bug judging by how many of them announced to me the next day that they've changed their schedules to take more drama classes next semester/year.

Yesterday I had a phone interview for the Fulbright exchange program.  It went well with no surprises in either the questions or answers.  As I expected, I think it will come down to whether there's a compatible Drama teacher to match with for an exchange.  They said the early notices are in March, most are given in April, some may be as late as June.  It's a while to wait, and I will certainly keep my fingers crossed both for a match that works and for as much notice as possible to make a smoother transition for my students/classes.  Still, it's nice to have it officially out of my hands.

So I've been keeping busy.  Not as busy as some people, true; but I'm glad to have so many looming projects out of my way.  I just have the usual end-of-the-term grading and wrap-ups.  The musical's in auto-pilot-mode with rehearsals, so I guess it's time to turn my attention to Christmas shopping!

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  1. Anonymous10:14 PM

    What a darling ornament! I can't believe you just whipped that up. -mom