Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Planning for Snow

There's a big storm heading to Colorado tonight.

I'm glad for it - we're far below average snowfall levels this year and we certainly need the snowpack.  Additionally, I'm done with after school things until after the break, so I can sleep in my own bed and carpool tomorrow without worrying about driving in the snow.

The storm is big enough that the contingency plans emails started flying yesterday afternoon.  Finals for periods 2 and 4 are supposed to be tomorrow, with 1 and 3 the next day.  Within an hour we had plans in place for 1) if school operates as usual for the next two days, 2) if Wednesday is a Late Start Day, 3) if Wednesday is a Snow Day, and 4) if Wednesday and Thursday are both Snow Days.

I would love a Snow Day tomorrow.  I've got a ton to do, and I've run many errands after school the last two days to have all the materials I need to accomplish many, many tasks from home tomorrow, including a stack of papers of grade.  To have a full day of Getting Things Done on top of sleeping in until, like, 7:30 and wearing sweats all day?  That's the dream, baby.

Then again, if tomorrow's a Snow Day, we go to plan #3, which means the finals for two of the four classes are pushed back to January 8th, the day the students come back from break.  It's annoying to not have timely closure for the classes, and it would mean having to grade said finals during a shortened school week filled with new classes, musical rehearsals, and the first of three more overnight speech meets in a row.  It would be a major pain in the tookus to get grades done in time if we have to wait until January to finish testing.

A pain in the tookus, yes.  Totally worth it in exchange for a day off?


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