Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lunch at Teremok

After walking around the Church on the Spilled Blood, we got into Boris' van to A) find lunch and B) go to Peterhof.

It's a good thing we had Boris and his van, because within a few minutes it looked like this:

It even hailed briefly!

Dad asked Boris to 'take us somewhere you like to eat,' so we stopped at this mini-mall:

(That's Boris' van in the reflection)

near this monument:

to eat at Teremok:

Teremok is a fast food-type of place that mostly serves blinis, both savory and sweet.  

(no English in sight, either in the menu or the patrons - an excellent sign!)

They're big, hearty blinis too, not like wimpy ones I've had before.

I got the Italiano one, filled with ham, mozzarella cheese, and marinara sauce (which tasted more like ketchup).  It was delicious! 

I also got a "tropical" one with a whole banana and a big dollop of chocolate sauce on the inside;

I also got a "vinaigrette" salad filled with the many diced root vegetables I remembered from many Russian meals before:

We hadn't eaten breakfast, so this hit the spot!

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