Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Hermitage - State Rooms and General Decor

We dedicated most of Tuesday to visiting the Hermitage.

I visited it before with Rose and Yan and remembered being thoroughly impressed by the building, but not so much by the art.  While I did find a few new art pieces to enjoy this time, once again the building itself outshone the collection.  Perhaps the best evidence of this is my decision to dedicate a post exclusively to the floors and ceilings.

But first, some fairly miscellaneous photos

A panoramic of one of the main rooms.

Door Knob

Better Door Knob

A candidate for my drawer pulls makeover?

One of the best rooms in the palace - it's a Baroque explosion of white and gold opulence.

A modest living room.

On the grand staircase

Dad, halfway up the grand staircase, who was very patient
while I waited for the tour groups to clear out enough for this shot.

Gate on the way out (with double-headed eagle, of course!)

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